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Personal Testing

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  • Physician orders are NOT required.
Drug Screening Services by MEDS

Full Service Drug Screening:

Whether you need a personal drug screen for court, need a child tested, or just need to know - we can assist you in your needs.

Drug detection periods are available from 24 hours to 6 months with our wide variety of test methods and test panels.

Home test kits are also available.

Interested? Visit the drug screening services page for more information.

DNA Testing:

When you need to know.

DNA testing is performed with painless swabbing of cheek cells. Results are back within 3to 4 working days.

MEDS Legal DNA Testing Services

Legal testing

Legal tests are for use in court or in legal documentation. Identification (driver's license or legal ID) is required of parents.

Personal testing or home test kit –

We will collect samples for you or you may pick up a test kit to use at your discretion. No ID required.

Visit the DNA testing page for more information and DNA testing available.

Lab Studies:

No prescriptions are required!

Choose from a wide variety of blood studies. Results of most tests are available in 24 to 48 hours.

Forensic Testing:

Stain identification. DNA may be traceable under certain conditions. Contact us for more information.


Tuberculin skin testing, flu vaccines, hepatitis vaccines and tetanus vaccines. Visit the immunizations page to learn more.

School or Health Assessment Physicals:

Need a physical for school admission or a health clearance for a job? Read about MEDS physicals.

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